The ECC team has extensive experience in the traditional energy sector and has been involved in key initiatives from the very inception of the UK biofuels market.

ECC experience includes:

  • Staff and associates with over 100 years combined experience of traditional fuels and 50 years of Biofuel development.
  • Membership of key industry bodies including the Low Carbon Vehicle partnership, Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels and the Energy Efficient motorsport programme.
  • Chairmanship of Environmental Industries Commission and British Standards Institute Groups
  • Interim directorships of major ethanol and biodiesel projects

ECC projects have included:

  • Biodiesel refining and crush plant (Planning achieved)
  • A UK based oilseed processing facility with the option of developing a biodiesel refinery. The facility was designed to process rapeseed, outputting food-grade vegetable oil and biodiesel feedstock.
  • Bioethanol refining and feedstock sourcing
  • RTFO (Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation) – Policy development
  • EU BEST – European high blend biofuel delivery – EU Project group
  • UK RFA – Carbon and sustainability reporting systems
  • UK supermarket – Biofuel implementation
  • EU and UK – Safety rules biofuel handling and distribution
  • Used Cooking Oil – Policy and commercial review for raw material supplier, including acquisition options
  • NNFCC (National Non-Food Crops Centre) – Closed loop study