ECC retains a strong focus on practical project delivery across the renewable energy market. For further details of our specialist expertise and past projects see Expertise and Experience.

Key areas of project delivery include:

  • Biofuels
    • From working with the late Lord Carter on the inception of the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO), to the development of bioethanol and biodiesel facilities….read more
  • Biomass
    • A key player in the design of the Renewable Heat Incentive, ECC has also led a number of biomass installations, created supply chains and advised a range of private and public organisations on the best forms of biomass deployment….read more
  • On-site renewables
    • ECC has designed on-site renewable solutions for a range of players from large industrial facilities to individual households and the major contractors who support them….read more
  • Renewable Electricity
    • Interest in renewable electricity is rapidly widening from the traditional utility sector as the CRC and Government targets to increase renewable electricity six fold have started to impact. ECC has been involved in a number of reviews, supply chain designs and individual projects on both renewable electricity and CHP….read more
  • Traditional Energy
    • However successful the growth of renewable energy, it will supply the minority of energy needs for most organisations for the foreseeable future. ECCs experience in traditional fossil energy markets has led them to a range of assignments from overall compatibility of UK fossil and biofuel chains to individual supply and conservation studies….read more