Service Structure




Strategy Conception

We advise on meeting specific goals through real market opportunity, either existing but unexploited structures, or bespoke strategy development. Our combination of industry connections and experience combined with direct policy involvement allows a unique insight to strategic planning and risk management.



Project Development

We identify and manage project risks and opportunities arising from policy and competitive influences.

Our wide range of industry sector and cross discipline experience and ongoing relationships allow us to identify competing and complementary businesses, to identify hidden opportunities and threats, and to advise on where to apply M&A as part of the structuring process. Our staff and associates enjoy excellent access to best available technology, and the locations/partners to best deploy it.


Project Delivery

Our project management team can oversee on the ground delivery of solutions from trading optimisation to complex turnkey projects, with specialists in:

Sourcing, trading, risk management and optimisation
Transport, storage, handling and exchange operations
Raw material conversion and complex production systems
Project approvals and exploitation of regional partnerships
Chemical, carbon and sustainability chains of custody
Analysis and negotiation – national and international
Value optimisation – financial and brand