The Energy Crops Company (ECC) was formed in 2005 to provide services to the environmental and renewable energy sector, developing a range of projects in biomass and biofuels.

The core business expanded to be the largest downstream distributor of wood pellet fuels in the UK before its sale, to a major renewable energy group, in 2008. During this period, the company contributed to a number of significant policy developments and to projects across the renewable energy arena. With it’s primary product focused on the renewable heat market, ECC was a key player in the development of the renewable heat incentive, produced the definitive industry guide on designing biomass heating solutions, and led a number of major biomass installation projects, including providing solus supply to the award winning Nottinghamshire County Council schools project.

In addition to this core business, ECC maintained an advisory role with a number of major energy, public sector and and financial institutions on both sides of the renewable energy market.

The company has now refocused on providing advice to a range of bodies from local authority and government, large utilities and multi-national organisations, to small companies supplying this growing sector.

ECC through its employees and associates has also supplied a number of directors and key interim staff to companies, industry and government bodies (see Policy)